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Hi, I’m Kelsie!

My birth photography career is just beginning, but I’ve been studying art for more than a decade. I majored in fine art photography and spent hours each week in the dark room. When I graduated, I jumped into a business career and never quite found a way to incorporate this passion. When I became a birth doula in 2022, I knew this was my answer.

My passion for birth was born alongside my daughter. Hers was a precipitous (FAST) birth, and it was nothing like what I had prepared for. When labor began, my long-lost instincts took over. I threw out my birth plan, told my husband and the nurses to back up, and did my thing. This is so unlike me! I crave structure and hate surprises. But when I trusted myself and my body, it ended with a beautiful baby girl named Delaney. And I felt empowered and humbled and confident in a way I never had before.

A little more…

I’m passionate about people, most importantly mine. I’m married to my best friend, I’m a mom of three amazing young kids, I’m a daughter, a sister, and I have the world’s best village. I am passionate about finding confidence in our decisions; about owning and leveraging our best and worst qualities; about being true to who we are and open to growth along the way.

I’m an enneagram 2 and a recovering workaholic. My love languages are touch and homecooked meals. I think nutrition can solve almost any problem but I’m a sucker for a good pizza and ice cream. My favorite things are easy days on the beach, a warm scented candle, running on a fall day, and our old and new family traditions.

Oh, and I LOVE having babies.

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