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I want you to tell your birth story

& I’d love to help

Hi, I’m Kelsie!

I’m a birth photographer and doula serving southwestern Ohio and I’d love to help keep you and yours present during your upcoming birth.

My births weren’t perfect, they didn’t follow a plan, and all three kicked my butt – but wow am I better for having experienced them. I’m passionate about helping others embrace and grow through the pre-work, birth-work, and heart-work involved in bringing a baby earth side. And photography is how I best do that.

On the fence about hiring a birth photographer?

Trust me, you’re going to want to be fully present on the day you give birth. Whether it goes to plan or far from it, you and your support team deserve to be present and not distracted trying to take cell phone photos. Let me come in and capture those details for you so you can be right where you need to be.

Plus, I’ll make a really great addition to your birth team. I can blend into the background, I can cheer you on while you push, or I can coach you through transition. All while photographing your big moments.

Have you heard about Birth with Spirit?

Birth With Spirit is a birthing certification program that prioritizes training around Whole-Person care, Whole-Person listening, proven nutrition protocol, evidence-based education, and so much more.

In spring of 2023 Birth With Spirit launched a doula agency serving southwestern Ohio. This makes care more accessible and increases the likelihood that families will experience a more physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually fulfilling pregnancy, birth and postpartum. And that’s what it’s all about anyways, right?

I am Birth with Spirit Doula certified AND the agency’s birth photographer. If you have questions about me and my peers, are interested in finding a doula, or even better, interested in becoming one – let’s chat!

Becoming a mom changed me – but so did giving birth. And I want to help you through the same transformation.